Newcomer’s Guide to Sibiu, Romania

Let me start by introducing you to the beloved city of Sibiu. Located in Transylvania, Romania, with a population of about 150k and named as the European capital of culture in 2007.DSC03740

These past 2 days, me and my classmates have been wandering around the center of the city, exploring and taking pictures of its incredible architecture and lovely views.

Coming from Bucharest, our way there was about 3 to 4 hours long. We had 2 stops, one in Pitesti and another one at Cozia Monastery, on Olt River’s bank.


1. Visit Cozia Monastery (if you’re coming from Bucharest)

2. Take lots and lots of selfies!

3. Stay at Ramada Hotel Sibiu!

We checked in at Ramada Hotel, which by the way, has a crazy amazing view of both old Sibiu and the “business” center of the city.


4. Wander around and shop at the Grand Square of Sibiu! (don’t forget your pralinated cashews)

5. Eat at Super Mamma! (Grand Square)

Super Mamma, a comfortable and clean place, where we ate something quick and price appropriate.

6. Take silly pictures at Mustache Caffee! (Grand Square)


Haha! Be as original as possible!




7. Say a lie under the Bridge of Lies!

Now there’s an outgoing meth that if you say a lie under the Bridge of Lies then it must fall down immediately. Would you risk it and give it a try?

8. Appreciate Sibiu’s beautiful doors!

9. Visit the Village Museum!

In my opinion, way more beautiful than the one in Bucharest.

10. Have fun during the nights in Sibiu!

Dear Sibiu,

You were nice. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


‘Til next time!


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