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Although I haven’t been watching movies almost at all this November and so, therefore, nothing to recommend you, I have been to a movie at the cinema. Listen closely, not any type of cinema. Me & my cousin went to IMAX and it was my first time EVER and honestly, I was amazed! We watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” and the whole movie was absolutely spectacular (not to mention my love for Eddie Redmayne), fell in love with the quality of the shots and the booming sounds. Really, it almost feels weird going to the ordinary cinema now. So, for those in search of a new weekend activity, go watch a movie in IMAX!

Now can we talk about Lady Gaga’s new album “JOANNE”? She had been killing it since her comeback and I couldn’t be more thankful for the pleasure she brings to my ears. Deeply in love. Hope I never get tired of this album, although my tendency to get through songs quickly is the worst!


Desi nu prea m-am uitat la filme in noiembrie, deci n-am nimic sa va recomand, am fost la un film la cinema. DAR nu orice cinema! Impreuna cu verisorul meu, ne-am hotarat sa vedem ce-i cu IMAX (Afi Palace Cotroceni) si dupa prima experienta acolo, am fost extra-incantata! Ne-am uitat la “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” si tot filmul a fost absolut spectaculos (sa nu mentionez cat de mult il place pe Eddie Redmayne). M-am indragostit de calitatea imaginii si sunetul incredibil. Serios, se simte aproape ciudat sa merg la cinema obisnuit acum. Deci, pentru cine-i in cautare de o activitate noua de weekend, va recomand din plin un film la IMAX!

Cat despre muzica, putem sa vorbim un pic despre albumul nou al lui Lady Gaga, “Joanne”? E fenomenala inca de cand si-a anuntat comeback-ul si ii sunt recunoscatoarea pentru toata placere pe care mi-o aduce muzica ei noua. Sper ca niciodata sa nu ma satur de el, caci am o tendinta usor dramatica de a ma plictisi rapid de muzica.

Well, I guess this is it. For any questions, you know where to find me!
Ei bine, cam atat despre lucrurile de care m-am indragostit in noiembrie si m-au urmarit pana-n decembrie. Pentru orice fel de intrebari, stiti unde ma gasiti!


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