January, I forgive you.






January always makes me feel some type of weird way. Don’t really know why, but new year’s resolutions make me feel agitated, stressed, rather than inspired or refreshed. Not because I’m afraid of getting out of my comfort zone, but more so because autumn is a big seasonal helper for me, a time when I genuinely feel inspired to do more, and ultimately, grow. Winter makes me feel restricted, limited to take upon more actions. As I consider myself meteo-dependent, immediately after the Holiday season ends, I feel a weird, uncomfortable emptiness.

I wouldn’t quite call it seasonal depression, but clearly not seasonal excitement.

Anyways, as fashion takes a special spot in my life, it slowly becomes a little worrying during wintertime.

It always comes down to the question “Do I prefer to be warm or look hot?”. And I mean, I can’t argue, how many times I’ve been freezing to death just to wear that pretty dress or that cute shirt. Not to mention the amount of times I took off my gloves just to let my fingers turn to ice trying to text someone or take a selfie. Come on, we’ve all been through it, and we all know how annoying those “touch-screen” gloves are.

Trust me, get a nice, fuzzy hat, a turtle neck and a huge scarf, to resemble a cozy blanket, add a little sparkle of red or another vital color to your outfit and there you go, you can walk like a fashionable penguin.


Hat – Barts

Scarf – H&M

Coat – Only For You

Turtleneck – ZARA

Socks – Massimo Dutti

Boots – Deichmann

Aside from some little goals I have set for these new 12 months, I have gathered my strenght and inspiration and I can gladly say I reoriented my niche towards FASHION. Because it truly sparkles within me, I am passionate about it, and hella’ excited to share my thoughts with you. Maybe you’ve also noticed that I started a series called “Style Refresher”  over on my freshly created YouTube channel. I would be thrilled for you to join me through the suffering month of January.


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