Weekend Recap



The trip started with my parents spontaneously inviting me to join them along their – let’s call it – “weekend escape”. It wasn’t really an escape for them, as they were about to moderate a whole event the next day, but it was definitely an invite that sounded refreshing to me. Packed some bits and pieces and the first thing in the morning we started our soon to be “tour” around Transylvania, Romania. Along the breath-taking views, we had a few stops ’til the final destination.


As you would imagine, my views, my opinions, my thoughts about the region were all filtered through the way I live in Bucharest, so, essentially, I was simply comparing the two locations finding beautiful, captivating differences.

We also took the time to reconnect with some heart-warming people, and to meet new ones. A thing that never seems to stop surprising me is how holy different each of us is.


The next day, already had spent the night in Cluj Napoca, the city of youth, of course I had to watch my parents being all professional and giving an amazing speech to all of the joyous people of Herbalife gathered there. Mom, dad, I’m a proud daughter!



(Samsara Teahouse)

I literally begged my newest friend, Francesca, to tour me around Cluj, show me some of the coolest places there and also, teach me their super open and weird accent. Kidding, after a few days spent in Transylvania, was solemnly decided that ours is WAY weirder. Anyhow, we ended up in a place where your vibes go off the top, probably the best, most unique teahouse in the city.
By the end of this trip, I was in awe with how beautiful this Earth is. I promised myself that any time I wouldn’t appreciate the mommy nature outside, I’d pay a quick visit to Transylvania.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Be careful with the noise. (most of the photos you’ve taken with a DSLR would’ve been significantly better you went for a lower ISO setting and switched the perspective for a better light).


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