It’s that time again when I’m liking all these new random things and I can’t stop the urge to share them with you, and so I gather them all and transform them into some type of middle-month favorites.


I’ve been seeing these all across the online lately. Along the oh-so-missed vintage wave around, it’s quite the obvious hairstyle. And it’s honestly the cutest!

Yes! – sleeping on a bunch of nodded straws on your head might be a bit discomforting, but hey! The next morning, your hair’s so full of volume, fun and let me just say, refreshing. It’s worth the try!


You’ve probably seen it before, the fishnet’s back! And it’s everywhere! Lately, I’ve been solemnly interested in the stockings, but I wouldn’t mind wearing a long-sleeve fishnet top. The weather in Bucharest hasn’t been quite the most pleasing, to be honest, but I’d found my ways to still enjoy this trend, no worries.Riverdale-CW.png








To worn you, I have to say that “Riverdale” really isn’t for everyone. Personally, I’ve been really into the whole story since episode 1, which wasn’t so long ago, actually. I am really liking the plot, really liking the whole style of the show. Although at first you might think it has its basic routes, believe me, it’s super twisted and raw, different to any other ordinary “high-school drama” show.


As I like showcasing the workings of my mind, you could possibly tell I’m really into journaling. Keeping a diary is honestly something that might keep your sanity on an average level from time to time. It surely did keep mine a lot of times. Or insanity. It depends.

Oh well! these fine liners. I love the way they transfer onto paper and also, how comfortable it actually feels to be holding them while you fill in pages and pages, especially if you’re at a high speed.

(mine are from Maped)


These are some of the songs I’ve been vibing over the last couple of weeks. I’m usually reposting new, different jams on SoundCloud every day, so if you’re up to some fresh vibes on a basis, then you can follow me there. I won’t say too much, but I’m thinking about maybe starting a podcast soon.

Let me know what you think.



2 thoughts on “CURRENT FAVORITES

  1. Hello, Yellow Cashew! I love this — it’s soooo cool! Keep it up!

    P.S. It would’ve been cool if you had tell me about the blog before… but, at least I know about it now.


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