Summer On My Mind

Every time I listen to this song I instantly get about a dozen flashbacks of last summer. Don’t really know exactly what about it makes me wanna jump out of joy and nostalgia. Would’ve I even thought about listening to it live, five or six meters close to the stage?

This dream of mine I didn’t even really know existed happened at this Romanian festival I went to last week. Radical summer vibes and quite extreme feelings.

Anyways, as I love a bit of color on my skin, I couldn’t miss the sun’s pleasant invitation to tan a little – or kinda burn the first day (red tomato, get it, haha). 

Wanted to share this look with you because I’m super happy about this red bikini I bought, thought it complemented my skin color. The shape’s simple, but that’s what I like about it because it can easily be styled differently every time you want to change your beach look (without having to change the actual bikini).

So here I am, encouraging all the ladies to get creative with their “going to the beach” look!





wнaт ι wore:

bikini top – Calzedonia

bikini bottoms – Calzedonia 

T-shirt – H&M

sunglasses (similar) – H&M



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