Grunge Festival Look

If there’s one thing I love about festivals, that’s the fashion. Separating from the superficial first thought – so you crazy dress at festivals to seek attention? – and actually minding the fact that the way you look also creates the atmosphere of the whole experience.

I LOVE seeing crazy, stupid, original and authentic outfits, I love seeing people comfortable with what they’re wearing, people who feel like themselves, or even ones that feel better than themselves. It’s all part of the magic!

But anyways, here’s a not-so-crazy, bold outfit for the girls who want to create some fires out there at the festival while dancing the nights off. Once again, magic! Not sure how these black pants fit me in combo with this T-shirt, but I’m sure this look would go great on a slightly taller version of me (can’tblamemynature). There are also a lot of variations for this look – you can wear it with a long black skirt or even long dress – the interesting bit here would be the red see-through Tee and the cowboy style belt.

Use your creativity, go crazy and enjoy your time at the festival! 















wнaт ι wore:

bralette – Victoria’s Secret

T-shirt – H&M

pants – Bershka

belt – Stradivarius

earrings – Stradivarius

necklace – Bershka

I also have some other ideas for you – watch below on my YouTube channel:



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