change, fall and what’s been going on lately

The thing about change – its possibility is always existent; the decision to examine it, to learn it and later on, apply it lies solely on each and every single one of us. Change is always present – whether it’s bad or good – it’s always there to bring sudden twists and turns and bumps into our lives. So we’ve got to first decipher what would be the best change we could bring into our lives at the moment and then, figure out how to make it happen. Literally, change happens in seconds – it’s the entangled preparation to it that brings discomfort. Each day, though, I learn that discomfort is good, discomfort carries unknown things about yourself – most probably, you are doomed to discovering parts of yourself you’ve never known. And that, to me, makes a person thought-provoking.


Here’s a playlist I quickly gathered for you to listen to some fresh jams (I’ll update it every now and then).

3imag 52imag 8



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