Not Quite What I Expected



So what do you do when your life doesn’t go as planned? What do you do when something happens so abruptly it transforms every particle of your beliefs and questions every value you once thought was what made you, you? What do you do when there’s this big fog of uncertainty spreading around right in front of you?



Lately I’ve been hiding. Lately I haven’t been able to write anything but pages and pages of journals. Lately I’ve got to a point where even journaling became directionless. Lately I’ve been having trouble voicing my mind, a skill I once mastered. Lately I’ve been hiding a sadness – because of my still burning light and hope,

because of my respect for others

because I’m over sadness and I’m over overthinking over it.

But this isn’t about darkness, it isn’t about pain, sadness, ugliness.




This is about love.

You’d say “Love is pain” – I’d say “Love is the healer”.

It’s about letting the light get through the cracks. Relearning. Accepting. Bettering. Letting go. Letting in. Opening up. Speaking up. Revolutionizing. Shining with authenticity. Loving fiercely.

It’s about endlessly recreating yourself.






no more promises,

xo, Andreea

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