It’s funny how we love the idea of a clean canvas

a fresh start

a new beginning..

as though all of our mistakes could vanish at midnight and we could start unintentionally making new ones the next morning..

As to say I’m not a pessimist, but I do find it ridiculous to expect a new year to magically transform your life into something you haven’t thought through or worked for, at all. Now, I’m only saying this because I’ve been there – through the “I’ll start tomorrow”s, “from Monday on”s , and the “new year, new me”s.

The reality is, as time goes by, and might I add, with the speed of light, we slowly stop believing in the excuses and make place for the real shifters:

the little goals.

I know, such a cliché — but honestly, what isn’t a cliché nowadays?

One little goal you can accomplish right now – a question: “why not tomorrow?”.















(a quote I really feel driven by every time I read it.. I thought maybe it could inspire your 2018)


2017-12-27 13IMG_8002

To sum up, a list of tips for the new year:

1. start.

good luck,



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