Art or revolution!

Wish I could know how to structure these feelings into words. I hold my fastest-moving pen and a strong intent to get to the core of this. I know when I get these kinds of moods I like to isolate myself from the world, until I “figure it out” – which I understand is a little absurd –  you never really do, I guess. Fast-paced world, so much is happening. So much so quick. Where’s the moment in the day I can talk to somebody about these things? 

And so I write..

– yet I think many people are like this: so much stuff is going on, and when you finally want to let it all out, you’re confused – who can you talk to?

Everybody probably feels this way: too busy isolating their own thoughts, desires, beliefs, ambitions. Some, though, talk. Some open up on a daily basis and get to feel that relief and inner peace daily. Daily. Daily! Daily.

How’s that like?

I wonder.


Truth be told, feeling a lot is simply inevitable. Especially in the world of today. Processing emotion becomes a burden – too much! or just some extinct exercise without any clear response, really.

Where’s the answer to my question? Why’s the reason for me feeling this way? Oups, ran out of places to run away. And when’s this poisonous voice gonna stop echoing the misleading, when’s it gonna finally let the real sound lead the way?

I guess some questions have long-awaited answers, while other never truly ever get answered. The only certainty I hold is that, no matter how entangled some questions are, figuring it out often comes with the help of art!




So my message goes:

If or when you feel too much – it’s okay to want to roar!

it’s okay to be angry,

it’s even okay to run away,

but do come back and keep on crushin’!

we need more people like this.



here’s a set of songs I’ve been loving (some art for the good vibes, heheh 😋)



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